Frequently asked questions

What are Drinking Botanicals?

Drinking Botanicals are combinations of fresh-pressed juices and herbs designed to relax, restore, and revitalize mind and body. They are currently served in five delicious, craft cocktail-inspired formulations with new ones currently in development! Our Drinking Botanicals were made in recognition that busy, hardworking, passionate people need more options for taking the edge off. We specifically thought that people should have access to a healthful, delicious elixir that made them feel at ease without necessitating intoxication. The option to relax—while staying connected. We chose the name Drinking Botanicals because it is a reminder of who we are and what we value. Clean plant-based foods are good for our bodies. Craft cocktails are complex, delicious vehicles for enjoyable experiences. Our Drinking Botanicals marries the best of both worlds in plant-powered craft cocktails (without the alcohol) designed to help you unwind.

Where do you source your ingredients?

Sourcing locally and responsibly is incredibly important to us. All of our ingredients come from carefully-vetted California suppliers located within a 250 mile radius of us, with the exception of our certified organic maple that we source directly from a farm in Vermont, and our certified organic raw apple cider vinegar and certified organic raw blue agave.

Who are Drinking Botanicals made for?

MONK was made for busy people trying to find space to unwind. We are all lovers of the handcrafted cocktail, and have been lucky enough to belly-up to some of the best craft cocktail bars in the world. We know that a drink is more than just consumption. It’s a communal experience, an opportunity to connect with friends, an opportunity to take a breath in the middle of our busy lives. With MONK, we wanted to offer a delicious, healthful, plant-powered (non-alcoholic) alternative for taking the edge off that would allow people to decompress while still feeling in touch with the world around them. From the moment we sent out our first sampler box, we’ve had parents, professionals, and high-performers share their stories of how MONK has helped them relax and connect with themselves, their lives, and the people they love. MONK is them. It’s for people who love/need/deserve to unwind, but want to do so in a healthful way and one that retains their ability to stay connected and aware in the moment.

What do Drinking Botanicals feel like?

Drinking MONK feels like kicking your socks off after a crazy busy day. While you are busy appreciating the complexity of our flavors, you may start to notice that you feel a little lighter. Just a little less stressed. As if someone reminded you that it’s Saturday, and that the kids are over at their grandparents, your boss is gone next week, and all your friends are free. That kind of relaxed. What would you do with that kind of headspace?

Can I consume Drinking Botanicals with alcohol?

When we first designed MONK, it was absolutely crucial to us that our Drinking Botanicals be a complete experience on their own. We sought to offer an unwinding alternative to our friends who were, either occasionally or as a rule, abstaining from alcohol. With MONK, we imagined filling barstools with teetotalers and cocktail fanatics alike, all unified in one shared toast. That said, we’ve gotten so many emails about how good 017 – Grapefruit Cayenne tastes with Mezcal and how good 034 – Ginger Maple Shrub is with vodka. So, everyone seems to have their own way of enjoying MONK. We love hearing people’s favorite ways to drink MONK. What will yours be?

How do I purchase MONK?

MONK will soon be available in grocery stores, bars, high-end liquor stores, and hotel minibars everywhere. We are also in the process of revamping this site, and one day soon you'll also be able to purchase MONK and have it delivered to your home or business.