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Monk Drinking Botanicals

MONK's craft cocktails dance on the tongue like a cocktail should. Whether you're in the mood for a shimmy, a tango, or a cha-cha-cha, these hooch-free libations are sure to raise your spirits but not your blood alcohol level.


Why do the most sophisticated and exciting drinks have to be alcoholic?

       They dont.


Mrs. Saigon 

A zesty, complex shrub that combines the light acidity of citrus and coconut vinegar with the soothing sweetness of maple. Soaked in cinnamon chips and finished with a drop of orange bitters. Mrs. Saigon will kick your ass and have you begging for more! 


Our coconut vinegar is made from the sap of coconut trees and is fermented for up to 12 months and then aged in wooden barrels. This rounds out the particularly sharp, acidic taste with a slightly yeasty note.


Experience more. Stay connected.


The Drinking Moment

To celebrate, to connect, to unwind, to mark the end of a day, or a job well doneany moment appropriate for an adult drink.


The simplest way to serve is on the rocksjust shake and pour over ice! For those wanting to up their game, we provide serving suggestions, shaker techniques, and "rim" packets for garnish. 


A drink to inspire wonder.

Our Reason

A well-made drink is remedy for the soul. And we, the parents, working professionals, explorers and creatives, deserve to celebrate this moment. Were re-imagining the adult drink. One that erases the compromise between sophistication and wellness. A drink that helps you celebrate today, without borrowing from tomorrow.

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Liquid Immortality.

  Warren Bobrow, Forbes Beverage Editor

This is a complete cocktail. It’s fantastic.

  Yael V., Beverage Director, The Spare Room


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